Falling Alphabets (proto)


Small test game, falling alphabets.

Current features:
– Falling alphabets 🙂
– Using default 3DText objects with rigidbodies
– Basic highscores with php (1 top score is kept)
– sounds from: http://www.bfxr.net/ (ps. Check this, Unity port of as3sfxr)
– 3D sounds (based on viewport position)
– uhm…nothing much else

– Total time spend for making the “game”: ~5hrs (split to within 4 days)

– Better graphics (UI)
– Add some other effect on a succesful hit (+1 bonus object..or coin/diamond?)
– Adjust difficulty (now it doesnt speed up unless you fail something..)


Download sources:

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  • haha, nice mini game!
    This could be more interesting if you have words falling instead of just single letters!
    Words could be just a collection of alphabets falling near simultaneously, like…

    • good idea, then could have attack waves (one “wave” or level is 1 paragraph of text..), word combos.. Or even typing falling c# code.. or PI numbers : )

      • attack wave sounds great!
        This may be a little time taker but, you could do something with the scoring as well.
        reward the player who enters correct letter in sequence, with combo bonus points.
        that way, the player may enter like…

        beautiful (9 letters) = 9*9 = 81 points
        beau (4 letters) tiful (5 letters) = 4*4 +5*5 = 16 + 25 = 41 points

        something like.

  • Here’s interesting typing game (made in unity also)

  • man…. this game can help me a lot… Could you please share the source.. I’m doing a project just similar,

    • I’ll try to find it sometime next week..(its quite old so not sure how well it works with Unity5)

      • Thanks man!!! I really apreciate!! I hope hoy can find it! Don’t worry about the version, i have the 4.6

        • try to download now (unitypackage is from 4.2 version)

          • thaks… i`m downloading now…

  • Does it have a c# code. Cause this can help in my project. Please post it thank you

    • ^ Download link is in the post

  • Hello!

    Do you still have the sources please?

    The link is expired.

    Thnks a lot and have a wonderful Year!

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