Game Cloud [Sponsor of the Month]


Thanks to GAME CLOUD! (Authoritative Cloud Engine for Multi-Player Games with Unity)
for being the sponsor the last month 🙂

Go check them out:

They have competition running also:
“Integrate any Unity game with GCC fast networking”

And their free plan includes “30 Concurrent Users”

Getting the demo running was quite simple,

Installing & Running the first demo

–          Registered at the website, waiting manual activation..[] in the next day
–          Downloaded the package from:
–          Unzip, copied the whole Editor/ folder from the zip into unity project Assets/ folder
–          New menu appears: Game Cloud
–          Let’s try “Game Cloud / Generate Demo Game Files”
–          Followed this step by step tutorial here:
–          Remember to run Yemulator & edit the connection string in visual studio (you could make .exe of it for easier use later)
–          Its alive, multiplayer demo is running!


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  • Hi, everyone,
    Game Cloud Continental is happy to announce the beta version release of our cloud platform for multiplayer game networking – GCC Pro!

    What are our major features?

    • Faster Networking
    Using our advanced technology we reduce the traffic to the player allowing large number of players to connect even on slow (mobile) networks without lagging.
    • Build for Unity
    Using our integrated into Unity Editor Tools we make it easy to develop your game networking.
    • No servers needed
    Your game runs in the Game Cloud. Scales incognito.
    • Secure
    Placing your game on our cloud service allows you to control the game logic and minimize the risk of cheating it.
    • Data and management
    Control your game versions and players’ data with our control panel. Use our cloud based database to store vital data for your game and players.
    • Affordable to use
    Use the free package during the development of your game and pay as your players’ number grows.
    • Cross Platform
    Our cloud works with all versions of Unity and on all platforms that are supported by Unity.
    • Custom Physics for server side collisions
    You can use any custom physics library written in C#.

    Check us out:
    Create an account and download our SDK:
    Check out our documentation:

    We are looking forward to you feedback on how we can make our product even better!
    GCC Team

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