Custom Sprite Bloom HDR Shader


Tried to do this shader mentioned in the forums (link), to have a Bloom image effect only on certain sprites.
See main image^ 2 same sprites, different material, so only 1 gets bloomed (even though the Bloom is full screen image effect)

– Download shader below
– Create new material, assign that shader to it
– Assign the material into sprite renderer
– In the Camera, enable [x] HDR *Disable Antialias from Edit/Quality settings if it complains about it
– Add Cinematic Image Effect, Bloom to the Camera *Download it from asset store or from bitpuke
– Set Bloom threshold to 1.1 (so only pixels with color value over 1.1 will get bloomed)

Shader source: *Note: Currently this uses r+g+b to compare with shader BloomThreshold value..


*Image source:

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  • Hello!
    The shader look super great, but the link doesn’t work 🙁
    Please fix it

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