Grayscale Image Effect with Exclude Layers


Testing grayscale image effect with added ExcludeLayers option (*just took the script parts from CameraMotionBlur effect, since it supports excluding layers)

– Attach the script below to your camera *You need to import default effects package first (Assets/Import Package/Effects)
– Select excludeLayers (by default its Nothing)
– Set your excluded gameobjects to that layer

Shader source:

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  • How to get this to work with a UI canvas , to make different parts of it grayscale?

  • Can you send me the script or upload it somewhere else?
    The link to it is unavailable

  • The link is broken again master

    • ohoo github links are the worst : ] fixed again.

      *actually suggested github last year that the 404 page is misleading, looks like whole repo is gone.. pretty sure github could resolve the missing filename from updated repo also, or suggest to search with it..

      • Thanks master! The response was very fast! I was expecting a reply but a day after or so, very nice! 😀

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