Using XBox One Kinect with Unity


*main image: Kinect GreenScreen example scene

Setting up Kinect with Windows 10
– connect to pc (using adapter)
– Driver installs automatically and you are Done 🙂
– You can test it with these apps:
3d scan:
3d builder:


Using Kinect XBox One with Unity 5 (I tested with Unity v5.50b5)
– Download & install Kinect SDK  (i’m using v2.0_1409)
– UnityPackage is here (package download)
– Import Kinect.2.0.1410.19000.unitypackage into your project
– Also Copy GreenScreen/ and KinectView/ folders from the zip to your project (they contain the sample scenes)
– One shader is giving this error message: “‘Shader error in ‘DX11/GreenScreenShader’: Fragment program ‘frag’: sampler ‘SampleType’ has no matching texture and will be undefined”

Fix is in the unity forums by @Michal

//sampler SampleType;
sampler sampler_MainTex;
//o = _MainTex.Sample(SampleType, i.tex);
o = _MainTex.Sample(sampler_MainTex, i.tex);

– To fix rest of the errors, run Unity Api Updater if it didn’t run automatically (from menu: Assets / Run Api Updater..)
– Open sample scene: GreenScreen/MainScene or KinectView/MainScene
– Hit play and it should work!

More Resources:
– Kinect experiments:

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