Lots of Exciting New Unity Stuff Coming Up!


Lots of good stuff announced by Unity this week, here’s compilation of them:

Demo Assets
– Adam Demo assets released [link]

New Preview Builds
– Navigation Preview Build (Finally Runtime navmap baking!!!!!!!!!!!!111) [link]
– Nvidia Build : VR SLI, Multi-res Shading, Lens Matched Shading, and Single Pass Stereo [link]
– VFX Toolbox Image Sequencer Preview Build (looks like sprite sheet editor with lots of advanced features?) [link]

New Features
– New Video Player (Plays 360′ videos too!) [link]
– Timeline tool (probably what was called Director earlier? Super cool sequencer, procedural camera system and more) [link]
– Vuforia AR will be built-in to Unity (For now available as package) [link]
– OTOY Rendering engine will be added to Unity [link]
– EditorVR (use Unity editor inside VR, coming in Dec 2016) [link]

New Build Platform
– Facebook GameRoom publishing (new target platform) [link]

New Services
– Unity Connect is now in open beta (place to look for jobs, build your portfolio) [link]
– Unity Collaborate is now in open beta (basically built-in version control and sync for teams?) [link]

Free For Education
– Education license is now free! [link]


– Asset importing will get multi-threaded (and runs in background while you can start working already)
– In 5.6 moving transforms will be much faster! *see main image for stats
– New c# job system will help you to easily make (safe) multi-threaded code!
– More rendering will move into other threads (so work main-thread is lighter)
– 2D Physics SIMD optimized [link]

*Maybe missed few things..feel free to add in comments



– Xiaomi partnership (easier to publish games to China) [link]
– Mobile version of Mario will be made with unity (personally not expecting it to be great if its free to play IAP spam and waiting..) [link]


View the keynote yourself


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