Using Accord.NET with Unity


While looking for Harris Corner Detection examples, without using openCV, founded this framework:
“The Accord.NET Framework is a machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in C#”


How to get it running with Unity
– Open new empty project in Unity (I Used 5.5.0b10)
– Edit/Project Settings/Player, set Api compatibility Level to .NET2.0 (instead of .NET2.0 Subset)
– Download framework from ( I took v3.3.0 )
– Copy DLL’s from that package (from “Release/net35/” folder) into your projects Assets/Plugins/ folder
– Also copy System.Drawing.dll from your c: drive into “Assets/Plugins/” folder (should be version 2.0, I founded mine from “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\”)
– Create c# script and use the code below (*This was just a quick test to get it running, testing Gaussian filter on texture)
– See my scene setup screenshot below the source

Image#1: Scene setup screenshot
– Add 2 Quads with different materials (use Unlit/Texture shader)
– Assign your source texture into QuadSource *Note: Texture importer settings must have [x] Read/Write enabled
– Assign those 2 quads into the script (which you have in some gameobject in scene) and hit Play!



*Main image: Using Gaussian filter from Accord.NET

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