I like problem solving with unity 🙂

If you have some code ideas or requests, feel free to send them to: (unity3d forum private message)

or by email:

** Also available for short paid tasks (but please tell me the deadline, so I can confirm first)

Some requests that I’ve (tried) to do earlier (some free, some paid)

– (Beta) Testing products (I’ll write report of broken things and other notes also in general usability viewpoint)
– Edge detect script & overlaying images (per object)
– Shader customizations / conversions (tri-planar and few others)
– Finding solutions for certain problems
– Marching cubes terrain customization
– Custom 2D grid cell filled area check (as in tetris style games, check if same colors match certain area)
– PointCloud viewer with XYZ RGB color support (dx11, non is dx11 possible)
– PointCloud viewer solution (no dx11)
– JSON2Mesh reader
– Meshserializer2 modification (with vertex colors)
– Mecanim wall runner script
– BlurShader (adjustable blur value)
– Fruit Ninja demo scene (slice & splash)
– LightShaderModifications (hide/show texture when light falls on it)
– mParticles (slightly updated version)
– Raycast visibility/shadows
– Metablob shader (customization)
– Diamond Square Algorithm
– 3ds Max file conversion
– Texture Paint with soft brush (updated version)
– …


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